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Version 2.09.7

  • Fixed : Scheduling would split even if record without splitting was set

Version 2.09.6

  • Added: Keyboard shortcut for volume booster
  • Fixed : Language would change if set in setup and previously set in application

Version 2.09.5

  • Added: Option to split or not to split in the scheduling dialog
  • Added: Menu to record button with split and no split options
  • Added: Scale option for larger fonts

Version 2.09.4

  • Fixed: Larger fonts in favorites list

Version 2.09.3

  • Added: Option to select different cover art provider

Version 2.09.2

  • Fixed: Updated language files

Version 2.09.1

  • Fixed: Sometime crashed when clicking on Options button

Version 2.09

  • Added: Podcasts tab
  • Added: Grouping for favorites
  • Added: Control+Space to show tree header menu
  • Added: Show settings menu in a list box

Version 2.08.4

  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 2.08.3

  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 2.08.2

  • Fixed: Minor problems with scheduling

Version 2.08.1

  • Fixed: Graphic equalizer for favorite stations

Version 2.08

  • Added: Better layout for larger fonts

Version 2.07.7

  • Fixed: Sometimes failed to save favorites file

Version 2.07.6

  • Fixed: Showing error box when starting for first time if missing favorites file

Version 2.07.5

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.07.4

  • Fixed: Updated translation files

Version 2.07.3

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.07.2

  • Fixed: Sometimes scheduled task would not start

Version 2.07.1

  • Fixed: Search would show Document Moved error message

Version 2.07

  • Fixed: Sometimes when clicking on the scheduling tab it would crash

Version 2.06.5

  • Fixed: Problem with the station browser sometimes crashing

Version 2.06.4

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.06.3

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.06.2

  • Changed: NO LONGER FREE
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.06.1

  • Changed: NO LONGER FREE
  • Fixed: Bug fixes

Version 2.06

  • Changed: NO LONGER FREE
  • Changed: Station listing now online
  • Fixed: Bug fixes

Version 2.05.1

  • Fixed: Sometimes didn't close external volume module on exit

Version 2.05

  • Added: Online search
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 2.04.4

  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 2.04.3

  • Fixed: List of devices now uses unicode
  • Fixed: Sometimes crashing when removing a favorite

Version 2.04.2

  • Added: Now possible to add the favorite station comments as a column

Version 2.04.1

  • Fixed: English language setting missing

Version 2.04

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.03.2

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.03.1

  • Added: Settings to configure tab buttons
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.03

  • Added: Scheduled tasks view
  • Added: Space bar shows context menu

Version 2.02.1

  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 2.01.1

  • Fixes: For version 2.01

Version 2.01

  • Fixes: For version 2.00

Version 2.00

  • Added: Grouping by columns in search results
  • Added: Change volume from task bar using mouse wheel
  • Added: Import and export of favorites
  • Added: Search for podcasts using iTunes or BBC
  • Added: Quick add to favorites
  • Added: Trial period for pro version available
  • Fixed: Scrolling menus
  • Fixed: Cover art and lyrics

Version 1.72.7

  • Changed: Minor bug fixes

Version 1.72.6

  • Changed: Easier to import favorites stored online
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes

Version 1.72.5

  • Changed: Downloading favorites online no longer asks for a name
  • Fixed: Sometimes kept asking to restart after downloading new presets file

Version 1.72.4

  • Added: Restart added to help menu
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 1.72

  • Added: Backup favorites online
  • Added: Use system proxy if available

Version 1.71.1

  • Fixed: Playing last station sometimes failed to work

Version 1.71

  • Fixed: Bug fixes

Version 1.70.6

  • Changed: Right click on a station to set the equalizer for that station (only in favorites))
  • Fixed: Equalizer sometimes caused TR to crash when set for a station
  • Fixed: WMA recording output

Version 1.70.5

  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 1.70.4

  • Fixed: F12 key sometimes crashed application when switching to mini mode
  • Changed: Now defaults to downloading presets in compatibility mode

Version 1.70.5

  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 1.70.4

  • Fixed: F12 key sometimes crashed application when switching to mini mode
  • Changed: Now defaults to downloading presets in compatibility mode

Version 1.70.3

  • Fixed: Various bug fixes
  • Added: Option to show country icons in favorites menu

Version 1.70.2

  • Fixed: Program crashing on exit if station not played
  • Added: 'Automatically Start Playback' option added to settings menu

Version 1.70.1

  • Fixed: Launch on start up failed to start last played station
  • Fixed: Removing favorites sometimes caused the program to crash
  • Added: Windows x64 version

Version 1.70

  • Changed: Now a single version for Windows (Including W8 and W10)
  • Improved: Lyrics Search
  • Fixed: Various bug fixes

Version 1.60.1

  • Fixed: New stations not shown correctly

Version 1.60

  • Added: Windows 7 Taskbar support
  • Fixed: Translation problems in Windows 8 version

Version 1.59

  • Added: Podcast support
  • Added: Lyrics support

Version 1.58.2

  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 1.58.1

  • Fixed: Minor scheduling bugs
  • Added: Mute volume when scheduling a recording (Pro version only)
  • Added: New languages

Version 1.58

  • Fixed: Minor bugs
  • Added: Now shows local station time
  • Added: Shift+F11 shows track information in edit box

Version 1.57.3

  • Updated: Updated language files

Version 1.57.2

  • Added: Pro version now checks for new station listing on startup
  • Added: Ctrl+F11 Show Microsoft Text to Speech properties

Version 1.57.1

  • Fixed: Problem with searching found in 1.57

Version 1.57

  • Added: System wide hotkey to minimize to tray
  • Fixed: Minor bugs

Version 1.56.2

  • Changed: Minor bug fixes

Version 1.56.1

  • Changed: Updated translation files

Version 1.56

  • Changed: Minor improvements

Version 1.55.1

  • Changed: Minor improvements

Version 1.55

  • Changed: Minor improvements

Version 1.54

  • Changed: Grouping of favorites now available in free and pro versions
  • Changed: Improved support for WindowEyes screen reader
  • Added: Expand all when using favorites grouping
  • Fixed: Minor problems

Version 1.53.1

  • Fixed: Minor problems

Version 1.53

  • Added: LastFM Scrobbling
  • Fixed: Minor problems

Version 1.52

  • Updated: Some features now only available in pro version - details here.

Version 1.51.1

  • Updated: Language files
  • Fixed: Minor problems
  • Removed: Reloading favorites backup

Version 1.51

  • Added: Now shows the playing status of current station in favorites list
  • Added: Right click now mutes sound if left disabled for system tray menu
  • Added: Automatic favorites backup for last 4 versions
  • Added: Online help

Version 1.50.1

  • Changed: Minor bug fixes

Version 1.50

  • Changed: Updated language files
  • Added: Generate Playlist

Version 1.40.1

  • Changed: Updated language files
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes

Version 1.40

  • Added: Option to select status bar labels
  • Added: Play random station
  • Fixed: Next and previous streams in options menu

Version 1.39.2

  • Added: Option to comment on a station
  • Added: Bandwidth usage when playing a station
  • Fixed: Problem clearing history

Version 1.39.1

  • Fixed: Ctrl+V now works again in search box

Version 1.39

  • Changed: Cosmetic changes

Version 1.38

  • Added: Options button
  • Added: Share current station with social networks
  • Removed: Next and previous stream buttons

Version 1.37.4

  • Fixed: Fade in option failed to work sometimes

Version 1.37.3

  • Changed: Fade in option now includes fade out
  • Changed: Station link now shows a menu

Version 1.37.2

  • Added: Support for searching by country in the selected language

Version 1.37

  • Changed: Cosmetic changes
  • Fixed: A few minor problems

Version 1.36

  • Changed: Various bug fixes

Version 1.35

  • Fixed: Problems recording with relative paths
  • Fixed: Portable installation no longer creates shortcuts
  • Removed: Stop button
  • Removed: Option to change data folder
  • Changed: Record button to increase recording visibility
  • Added: Quick scheduling
  • Added: Option to minimize to tray
  • Added: Option to change main window font
  • Added: Application popup information window
  • Added: Station and track information to main window title bar and tray tooltip

Version 1.34

  • Updated: Language files
  • Fixed: Minor sleep timer problems

Version 1.33

  • Changed: Sleep timer context menu
  • Changed: Clear button changed for accessibility
  • Removed: Search menu unless Show station menus is set
  • Fixed: Failed to initialize sound device error on some systems

Version 1.32.2

  • Fixed: Group Station Results problems introduced in 1.32

Version 1.32

  • Added: National music to station browser
  • Added: Countries to genres in station browser
  • Added: Clear button for search box

Version 1.31

  • Added: Raimersoft list of products